Paul Smith first tickled the ivories of a piano keyboard in San Diego, at the age of eight, and the rest is history. A musician's musician, Paul is internationally renowned as one of the great pianists.
At a young age, Paul sensed his life's work and started his first band in high school. His career moved ahead quickly and by his mid-twenties he was the Pianist- Arranger fro the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. This was followed by playing with the Les Paul Trio and a position as a staff pianist for Warner Brothers. He then spent over a decade with NBC.
Paul has played for innumberable movies and television shows and has recorded nearly sixty solo albums, almost one-third of which are still in print. He has played and performed with a pantheon of greats: Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., Sarah Vaughn, Pearl Bailey, Dinah Shore, Nat Cole, Tony Martin, Carol Burnett, Red Skelton, Pat Boone, Gorden MacRae, Steve Allen, Rosemary Clooney... The list goes on...
To Jazz aficionados, Paul Smith is the ultimate pianist. Jazz critic John S. Wilson said it well when he wrote:
"It's difficult to understand how Paul Smith has managed to stay in the background for so much of his career. Smith is not someone who fits readily into a background. He is six feet five inches of big, broad shouldered male, so rangey that Art Tatum referred to him as "the basketball player"... and if the virtually blind Tatum could see that, it had to be very evident. But beyond physical size, Smith does not fit the background mold because he has an outsize technique on the piano that comes as a shock to anyone hearing him for the first time."
Paul's technique is so renowned that it has become the subject of a series of instructional books. His prodigious talent, combined with a dry, lightning-quick humor, makes Paul a consummate entertainer.